Does Elder Abuse Occur in Canada? Important Facts Canadians Must Know

Elder abuse is a hidden problem in all parts of the world, including Canada, regardless of race, ethnicity, education, socio-economic status, etc. In Canada, a national study in 2004 showed that 10% of seniors are victims of

Essential Tips for New Startups

Launching your new business can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Especially if you have just dipped your toes into the startup landscape, It might be difficult to know where to start, especially if

5 Advantages of Getting an MRI Scan

An MRI is a medical imaging technology that produces high-quality images of your organs and tissues using a high magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging system generates an electric field that, when combined

Visit an Urgent Care Center When You Experience These Situations

In the past, those wounded or ill needed to go to the ER after hours or on the weekends. Long lines and rushed doctor visits are the unpreventable results. The climbing price of medical care implies that

UV Disinfection: Is It Reliable to Control Health Safety Concerns (Including COVID)

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, people were understandably worried about contracting the disease. One of the ways that people tried to protect themselves was by using UV disinfection products. In fact, manufacturers of alcohol and bleach products