First Annual Juried Exhibition

October 1 to 26 2012

As part of our 5th Anniversary Celebration we held our First Annual Juried Exhibition which was a very exciting event for our Members. The Juried Exhibition Committee consisted of Uta Strelive, Mary Helm,

Carolyn Keating, Melanie Morel, Denis Hopkins, Dawn Cottrill and Beryl Dawson.

Jurors were Paul Morin, Wesley Bates and Carolyn Riddell who acted on behalf of Joanne Poluch who was side-lined because of a car accident.

There were two categories: The first was Fine Art which included all painting and Original Print Making

The second was Mixed Media..which included glass, carving, ceramic/pottery, jewelry, textile/fibre, photography, sculpture etc. We were delighted to have 149 entries. From those the Jurors chose 66 pieces. The show was most professionally hung by Members Jacqueline Tate, Andrea Rhodes-Cass, and Lynn Coutts.

There were three prizes for each category plus a People's Choice Award.

Sponsors of Prizes were : Butcher Fine Furniture, Hillsburgh; Elora Arts Council; Joanne Poluch of Remarque Art Consulting, Guelph; Knapp's Country Market, Guelph; Meridian Credit Union, Guelph and Fergus. The People's Choice Award was a Membership in Wellington Artists' Gallery and Art Centre and a display space for a month as Guest Artist.

Winners were:

Fine Art Category:

1st Prize - $200 - Don Kilby - Acrylic - 'Working the Back Field'

2nd Prize - $150 - Peter Marshall - Acrylic - 'Guardians on Station Street'

3rd Prize - $100 - Heather Wadsworth - oil - 'Kate'

Mixed Media Category:

1st Prize - $200 - Roxann Blazetich - Ozols - Jewelry - 'Art Nouveau Peacock'2nd Prize - $150 - David Bishop - Photography - 'Thedford House'3rd Prize - $100 - Rosalinde Baumgartner - Sculpture - 'Iron Woman'

People's Choice Award - Membership in Wellington Artists' Gallery and Art Centre and a display space fora month as Guest Artist - Uta Strelive - 'Spring Again - Blackburian Warbler'

Third Prize - Mixed Media
Sculpture - Iron Woman|
Rosalinde Baumgartner

People's Choice Award
Carving - Blackurian Warbler
Uta Strelive

List of Successful Entrants

Name of Artist Name of Piece Awards

Alan Norsworthy Sunlight Through the Pines
Alan Norsworthy Twisted
Antonina Gladkova Summer Meadow
Bob Northway View from the Mill
Carol Hughes Begonia By The window
Cindy Dochstader Brothers
Constance Noyle Grey Owl
Cynnocence Kaufman Fun House
David Bishop Thedford House Winner - 2nd Prize - Mixed Media
David Bishop Movement in the Grasses
Debbie Kent February
Denice Oliver Grazing Grey
Denis Hopkins Pears, Apple and Cherries
Denis Hopkins River Landscape
Don Kilby Working the Back Field Winner- 1st Prize - Fine Art
Doris Billing From a Distance
Elle How Mystic Earth
Hannah Wallace Lund Sam Goes to Mars
Heather Wadsworth Kate Winner - 3rd Prize -Fine Art
JacquelineVeltri Spirit Softly Soaring
JacquelineVeltri A Moment in Time
Jacqueline Tate Bole
Jacqueline Tate Tulip Bowl
Jan Zimmerman A Fine Summer Day
Janet Simmons Sweet Into the Abyss
Joan Hug-Valeriote Underground Railroad
Joan Hug-Valeriote Lily Pads
Joseph Lam Log Cabin
Judy French Reflections near Skerryvore
Kim Johnston Fairyland Lighthouse
Larry Lawrence Billy & Benny
Larry Lawrence D'artagnan
Laurie Stevenson Bullock Ruby Princess (set)
Laurie Stevenson Bullock Clematis
Manuela Marshall Sea Fans
Marg Peter Lucie the Rooster
Marlene Jofriet Night Reflections
Mary Ann Helmond Queen of Sheba
Mary Ann Helmond Jackson Pollock
Mary Kroetsch Little Girl Blue
Mary Kroetsch Face #1
Melanie Morel Golden Hearts
Monica Burnside Journey Through Elora Gorge
Nola McConnan Windy Day
Norma J Lee Winter Walk
Pat Armstrong Water Lily
Pat Armstrong Blanket Flower
Peter Marshall Guardians on Station Street Winner - 2nd Prize - Fine Art
Robin Hamel Sunny with a Chance of Showers
Rosalinde Baumgartner Iron Woman Winner - 3rd Prize - Mixed Media
Roxann Blazetich-Ozols Albino 2 Necklace
Roxann Blazetich-Ozols Art Nouveau Peacock Winner- 1st Prize- Mixed Media
Shelley Newman Sunset 407
Sheryl L Teasell Heritage Hollyhocks
Stephen Ferris At the Market
Sylvia Galbraith Mirage
Sylvia Galbraith Sea Glass
Thea Jansen Lean On Me
Thea Jansen Machu Picchu
Thiffany B Wilmouth orange red and yellow
Uta Strelive Spring Again' Blackburian Warbler Winner - People's Choice Award
Valerie Becking The Shield of Protection
Wendy Gottmers Hollyhocks
Wendy Gottmers Rooster
William Band Still Working
William Band Eileen Donan Castle

Our Fifth Anniversary

The Opening of our Fifth Season is Saturday April 28, 2012.  The Gallery will open as usual at 10:00 a.m. with the Opening Ceremony  at 3:00 p.m.  This is a milestone Season..our fifth anniversary.  To celebrate we are presenting a most interesting program throughout the season.

Our Season Finale  - Deck Your Walls with Art of Beauty

We will be presenting our Season Finale, Deck Your Walls with Art of Beauty,  from Oct 30 to Nov 10. Opening Reception is Sunday Nov. 4 from 2-4 p.m. Come, visit and linger a while; enjoy some hot cinnamon cider and cookies and join in this three event celebration as we wind down the Season of our 5th  Anniversary.

This is traditionally our Christmas Show and Sale of fine, one of a kind, gift items whether they be paintings, prints, textile, pottery, glass/ceramics, sculpture, photography or carving. Our new Sculpture Park will continue to entrance you. Guest Artist Judy French will be exhibiting a quantity of first time shown new pieces in acrylic, many resulting from plein air painting experiences. Our fabulous jewelry show , ‘All That Glitters’ staged by Daria Love, Laurie Stevenson Bullock and Maureen Sims continues until our closing. Here you will find exquisite pieces of hand crafted sterling silver, chain maille, re-purposed silverplate and semi precious stones. We have had an exceptionally satisfying season and we are delighted to end it on this high note. You will not be disappointed.


‘All That Glitters’  is a show and sale of the finest quality handcrafted jewelry - the work of three of our  Members.  They are Daria Love, Laurie Stevenson Bullock and Maureen Sims.  All three craft original unique designs into exquisite pieces of fine jewelry. Daria focuses on the primitive beauty of semi-precious stones , the elegance of freshwater pearls, dazzling vintage beads, sterling silver and  sterling silver chain maille.  Laurie works primarily with sterling silver from which she creates shape and form without the use of molds. Into these intricate designs she incorporates semi-precious stones to create stunning pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry.  Her latest focus is transitioning silver family heirlooms into pieces of wearable art. Maureen combines wax carvings and castings of natural objects with precious and semi-precious stones. By mixing different metals like gold and silver or silver and copper she produces fashionable, distinctive pieces of fine jewelry.   This is an exhibition for those who appreciate design, uniqueness and quality in fine jewelry.  It is timely for early Christmas shopping. Each artist is also prepared to help you design that special one-of-a kind piece which you want as your personal signature piece different from all the rest. This show runs from Oct 13 to Nov 10.  The Opening Reception is Saturday Oct 13 from 2 to 4 p.m. Refreshments. 

Culture Days' Program for Kids

Wellington Artists’ Gallery, 6142 Wellington Rd 29, RR4 Fergus,  is calling all kids to take part in its Culture Days’ Program,  Sunday, Sept 30 from 2 -4 p.m. Let’s get creative, paint a rock or a treasure box to take home, help paint a mural;  try out oil pastels;  can you find all the sculptures?;  stroll through the woods and do some sketching; draw the running man; see if you can find your way  through the chalk  maze.   Lots of fun for everyone and there are PRIZES.