Wellington Artists Gallery is a complete service, online market for high quality, original artworks and limited edition prints created by innovative, Australian artists at the peak of their professions. Predominately unsigned to any 1 gallery, lots of the artists here work on a large scale, fulfilling a need in almost any business or home with a lonely, large area. We work closely with designers, developers and business leaders to create spaces that connect artistic and business culture. (As well as creating personal homeowners quite happy). We work with some of the finest fine art printers, framers and contractors creating any job a smooth and efficient one.

When it comes to designing a collection we constantly keep uniqueness and creativity on the very top of our list. We’ve got the joy of working with a talented design team who produces enticing color palettes and artful, intricate prints which produce our collections one of a kind. Wellington Artists Gallery designs fabrics which keep up with continuing trends and at precisely the exact same time, it encourages our clients to use new colors and patterns so that they venture out of their normal comfort zone.

At Wellington Artists Gallery we believe strongly in the quality of the cloth and that’s transcended in our exceptional thread count and fine weave. This makes our superior cotton as smooth and soft you can get. You actually feel the difference with only one touch!