Air Conditioner 101: Issues You Might Encounter

The heat originating from the sun nowadays is solid and fiery; this is why people decide to purchase an air conditioner. The cold breeze it delivers can help minimize the burning and harmful consequences to the surrounding environment and people’s health. Constant use of this equipment is apparent in every home. Hence, it is prone to tons of issues anybody might encounter in the future. Typical troubles that can be included with this particular home appliance are listed here.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

1. Collapsed Capacitor

The aircon capacitor is an electronic device situated inside the machine where the electrostatic charge is temporarily stored. It is used to maintain the voltage and start off the unit’s electric motors. This specific component is prone to damage, primarily during the summer season. As a result of the intense heat brought about by this time, the system is used more often than average to provide cold air. Therefore, the capacitor can overheat. Fluctuations in power and abrupt changes in thermostat levels can damage the system capacitor. When this happens, check out All American Heating & Air as they provide various maintenance and repair services.

2. Damaged Compressor

A compressor is noted as the center of the whole system. It pumps the chemical substance to absorb heat and cool the air and the device, from the evaporator to the condenser coils. It guarantees that the refrigerant adequately performs its heat exchange and pressure regulation. Dirty coils, a sudden change in refrigerant levels, and a lack of lubrication with the system can trigger the compressor to heat up, stop working, and at some point fail over time.

3. Dirty Air Filter

The air conditioner filter plays a significant part in keeping the airflow passing along the device neat and devoid of dirt and other impurities. An obstructed air filter can block or limit the smooth circulation of air, decreasing the system’s functionality. The aircon’s cooling ability can likewise be reduced. Hence, it would not function properly and reveal its full ability and potential. When this occurs, try inspecting the filter if it is unclean to wash it immediately. Or, you can go online, search for various HVAC websites, and visit their air purifier page to spot possible remedies and solutions.

4. Iced Evaporator Coil

One problem that people with air conditioners often experience is that the cooling feature of the system is not working correctly. This can be caused by an iced or frozen evaporator coil. It serves to take in the heat inside the house; conversely, tendencies of debris buildup can suddenly occur. Therefore, obstructing the airflow and warm air would not reach the refrigerant. In this situation, the moisture around the coil freezes, wrapping it with ice, preventing the cooling agent from consuming latent heat, and gradually disrupting the entire system.

5. Water Leaks

Water leaks originating from both the inside and outside air conditioners are an obvious indication of system malfunction; this can be due to several factors. First, the condensation drain pipe is blocked with particulates, consisting of algae and fungi buildup, causing water to return inside the tube. Second, the condensate pan and pump are damaged or completely destroyed, which might need to be replaced. Third, the pool of water underneath the outside compressor can be due to a dry air filter, loose seal, and wrong equipment installation. If by any chance, one of these issues came to light, you can find out more here.