What Yarn to Use for Your Knitting Project?

What factors do you consider when selecting yarn for your next knitting project? Let us start from the beginning: What precisely is yarn? Yarn is a textile that is composed of animal, plant, or synthetic fibers. The interwoven threads are twisted together to create thicker strands. The drape, stitch definition, and overall yarn feel are all affected by the number of plies.

Choosing Yarn for Knitting

It is critical to understand what type of yarn to use for your project. Except for reading the label, here’s all you need to know about it.

Weight Classification


Lace is the lightest weight yarn, making it perfect for doilies and other delicate lace patterns. To prevent tangling or damaging it, handle it with care.

Fine, Superfine, and Light

This is ideal for minor things such as socks, gloves, caps, and baby and children’s clothing. Loosely cast on and off. The term “sport weight” refers explicitly to fine yarn.


This weight, often called “worsted,” is popular among knitters of all skill levels because it gives sweaters, scarves, caps, and mittens excellent stitch definition. Chunky stitches may add to the warmth of the fiber when knitting in this weight of classic Aran yarn.

Extremely Bulky & Bulky

This material’s weight allows for quick needlework on large needles. It is excellent for beginners since it produces things fast. Even so, it’s best suited to experienced knitters who want to make something unique using unusual yarn.

Fiber Content

This is a proportional depiction of the yarn’s composition. (For example, merino wool comprises 90%, alpaca wool has 5%, and cashmere wool contains 5%.)


The overall thickness of the yarn is typically expressed in wraps per inch (WPI). The ply count, which varies from the lowest to the largest weights, is another consideration (usually between 1-ply and 14-ply).


This is where you will calculate the yarn’s total length in yards and ounces.

Care Instructions

This section explains how to care for your knitted clothes, including how to wash and dry them. The nerdy needles knitting yarns can be washed with gentle machine wash.

Size and Gauge of Needles

The number of stitches and rows determines the yarn gauge. Twisted Elegance Yarns are available on a variety of different yarn bases.

Dye Lots NumberĀ 

This refers to the yarn’s color. When purchasing in bulk, double-check that the quantities are correct. Even though two balls of yarn seem to be the same color, the finished knitted item may vary slightly in color. Are you looking for a yarn with unique colors? Buy Les Laines Biscotte at Darn Yarn.


Finally, choose the yarn that is best for your project. In most cases, the appropriate yarn weight and needle size are specified in the instructions. While you are knitting something special, take a moment to contemplate the following: Do you want to be able to machine wash this item? Is it designed to let you breathe in hot weather or keep you warm in cold weather? What are the item’s size and shape? It’s all up to you to design the ideal knitted item.